Caution: It has come to the notice of Reserve Bank of India that some fraudsters falsely promising to offer job for the posts in the bank are sending Appointment letters through emails by using fake domains which do not belong to the Reserve Bank of India, but these could be deceptively similar involving use of words such as RBI, RESERVEBANK, etc.
It is hereby clarified that recruitments for various posts filled by the bank are advertised on our official website. Also, all details regarding recruitment e.g. Call letters, interview schedule, final result, etc., are published only on our official website
In view of this, the Reserve Bank of India cautions members of public to be aware of such fake Appointment letters issued by fraudsters promising job in the Bank. Any Advertisements/ Communication from other sources should be cross verified for authenticity from the website.

Your average day would span activities like analysis of economic developments, regulations and supervision of financial markets and institutions or simply planning the currency movement in the country or identifying the most suitable technology for the country's payment system.

Experience Intellectual Fulfillment
Your work can make a difference to the entire financial world and touch the lives of millions. Your decisions can make news. For your entire professional lifespan the multi-disciplinary nature of work content ensures that you are continuously facing newer challenges.

Enhance your Skills
You get an opportunity to diversify your skills. You can move between departments and work on areas from formulation of monetary policy to dealings and trading in forex and government bonds, managing public debt and bank accounts to facilitating exchange remittances by residents and non residents, regulating and supervising 34,000 financial entities, spearheading technology within the RBI or in the financial system and even training and researching for self-development.

Be Confident of Stability
You have a job hopping option within the organisation as you get to serve different departments and offices. You could even go out of the organisation on deputation, including multi-lateral organisation and come back without losing your seniority.

Derive Social Esteem
Central bank and central bankers command respect and awe. Nationally and internationally. Working with RBI is a career more distinguished than any other in the financial world because you serve the nation rather than making profit for your company.

Think Together
Participate in the decision making process that encourages collective approach. Come to a work environment that is vibrant with intellectual discussions even at lunch tables. Enrich your mental and physical abilities continuously.

Belong to the Family
Interact with some of the best minds in the government and the financial institutions while at work and build lasting relationships among RBI fraternity at home.