Caution: It has come to the notice of Reserve Bank of India that some fraudsters falsely promising to offer job for the posts in the bank are sending Appointment letters through emails by using fake domains which do not belong to the Reserve Bank of India, but these could be deceptively similar involving use of words such as RBI, RESERVEBANK, etc.
It is hereby clarified that recruitments for various posts filled by the bank are advertised on our official website. Also, all details regarding recruitment e.g. Call letters, interview schedule, final result, etc., are published only on our official website
In view of this, the Reserve Bank of India cautions members of public to be aware of such fake Appointment letters issued by fraudsters promising job in the Bank. Any Advertisements/ Communication from other sources should be cross verified for authenticity from the website.

To give you an overview of how it is to work in the RBI, we've created a short presentation, a brochure and a video for you.

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We've put together a brochure, a presentation and a short video for you, to give you a better idea of what we do. The entire 'kit' is a zip file, so to open it you'll need an unzipping utility. The brochure is in PDF format, the presentation is in PPT format and the video is a standard MPEG file. The file is 45 MB in size.

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