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Date : Nov 03, 2017
Corrigendum - Direct Recruitment of ' Chief Financial Officer' in the rank of Executive Director in Reserve Bank of India

Corrigendum to our advertisement numbers 6 & 6A dated May 15, 2017 and 2 & 2A /2017-18 dated October 11, 2017 for the above post.

In view of modifications in eligibility criteria for the above mentioned post, it has now been decided to accept fresh applications from applicants who had applied earlier in response to our advertisement No. 6 & 6A/ 2016-17 dated May 15, 2017 for the said post. Accordingly, the last date of receiving applications for the said post from all eligible candidates will now be November 16, 2017.

Note: All other terms & conditions as mentioned in Advertisement No. 2A dated October 11, 2017 remain unchanged. Corrigendum, if any, on this advertisement will be issued only on the Bank’s website www.rbi.org.in